In Remembrance of the sailors from Nyborg lost during 1939-1945

Evald Brinck Veteran held a mooving speech.

During the years 1939-1945 - under inhumane circumstances – these sailors sacrificed their lives at the seven seas.

This in their fight for democracy and freedom across the world.

In honour and respect of their memory.

Nyborg Marine Association dedicates this book of remembrance to the widows, children, grandchildren, siblings,friends and acquaintances of the 35 sailors, hailing from Nyborg. Those who in heroic allegiance to the allied forces and their homelands honour and reputation, sacrificed their lives. Where you find courage, there is hope, and where there was hope there was a victory for the Danish people. The undaunted sailors’ names will always light up the monument

FORSAVN and the memorial plaque of the Marine Association as well as light and honour our fatherland.

Link to "FORSAVN in English" - The whole book!


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The publication has been prepared by Nyborg Municipality's communications department and Nyborg Marine Association and published on the inauguration of the FORSAVN Monument.

Here are links to both the Danish as well as the English version:


Publikationen er udarbejdet af Nyborg Kommunes kommunikationsafdeling og Nyborg Marineforening og udgivet i anledning af indvielsen af Monumentet FORSAVN.